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How to play PSP on a TV with a game controler? Answered

Hi guys, do any of you have an idea how i can play my PSP game on a TV and with a game controler (Playstation or any other)? The reason is simple, I would like to build myself a full size arcade cabinet for my psp using the X-arcade joystick. Thanks for the help!


Doctor What

9 years ago

I've seen a few hacks out there with the old PSPs, where they fitted a PS2 controller into a PSP, and they were able to play games with them (right stick excluded of course....)

There are also a few ways to run your psp on your tv, involving, get this, cables!

If you combine the two, it might work.

Just do a little googling about psp hacks, and see what you come up with.


9 years ago

Hi the PSP Go has bluetooth tech and lets you use the ps3 controller. I plan to do something similar by doing a ps3 padhack using toodles' sixaxis pcb extender inside a tekken six arcade stick. bought tekken6 bundle to play arcade games on my pspgo with a cadestick and found hori used a dang usb dongle to connect to ps3. looking forward to this diy.