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How to power LED Strip Lights that have been cut into sections? Answered

Hi Guys

I bought a 5m reel of white 3528 leds a while back and now have a use for them.  I'm going to run a strip under my desk and then another circuit around a shelving unit.  The lights came with a 12v 'wall wart' to power the whole strip.  However, I'm going to be cutting the whole 5m strip into three separate circuits.  Can I still use this 12v adapter on one of the sections?  or should I be looking for a lower powered 'wall wart'?

Would appreciate some help on this.  Not my usual area of expertise.


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7 years ago

Was the strip designed to be cut? Many long strips do have sections that can be cut and a power adapter can be soldered in. In these cases they will run off a 12V DC source just like they did as a long strip. Since each section is wired to run off 12V and then all the individual sections are wired together in parallel. It all depends on the strip you have.