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How to power tesla coil? Answered

I asked a similar question https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-to-improve-tesla-coil-/ and I still didn't managed to get a spark.
I want the simplest way to build and power this tesla coil 
Now I have :
-5 layden jars
-1 MMC
-1 primary 5t
-1sec 500t
-1 zvs (dc out at 30kv)
-1 ignition coil
-5 timers
-1 MOT
-2 capacitors for MOT at 0.98uF
-2 diodes for MOT


The MadScientist

Best Answer 8 years ago

The easiest way doesn't work so well that's why I've spent nearly half a year developing mine. But with what you have I would say the best way to power a coil of your size would be the ignition coil using one of those timers with a transistor or MOSFET to drive it.
The MOT's aren't any good unless you run them through a voltage tripler or quadrupler (a painful idea with limited supplies) or if you modify one like I have (dangerous and excessive).
A ZVS driver is only useful for ferrite core transformers like flybacks.
The MOC's are probably only useful for soothing capacitors on the transformer (however still not that useful) and I can't see anything with the diodes.

So basically you're left with 5 leyden jars (barely any capacitance ttry to make glass plate caps), 1 MMC, a 5t primary, 500t secondary, an ignition coil, 5 timers and negative some resistors and a transistor or MOSFET for an ignition coil driver.

I wish this answer could be more promising but what you have isn't quite adequate.

theVader75The MadScientist

Answer 8 years ago

thank you very much for your answer now I am working at that glass plate capacitor and also one more thing at the spark gap method how much does it counts if the in is ac or dc because most of the schematics are on ac

The MadScientisttheVader75

Answer 8 years ago

For what you are doing it will be a lot easier using DC I am and you don't need to worry about rotary spark gaps.