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How to prevent aching legs after Weights, basketball, falling, etc.? Answered

My legs ache, bad, i can barely walk, i need a remedy to prevent this, i stretch before i lift except for yesterday when i was just playing basketball, but that's the only time they have hurt since i have started lifting.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Sounds like you either overworked those muscles a little bit, or played while sligthly dehydrated. If this is an isolated incident, the best cure is a few days of rest... If it's not isolated, read on. Tips that may help: -Reorganize your exercise schedule so that you don't lift on consecutive days. When you exercise you dammage the fibers in your muscles, which is what you want because that triggers the growth of new fibers. Still, they need time to heal before you exercise again. -Try to focus a little more on your legs in your lifting. Obviously making them stronger will help them resist more abuse. -Add some jogging, walking, and/or hiking to your routine, if you haven't already. -No matter what physical activity, stay hydrated. Drink water or an electrolyte drink like gatorade. -Stretch AFTER your workout to help calm your muscles. A brief massage helps as well. There's not much scientific evidence for the effectiveness of stretching, but it's been practiced for centuries so there must be something to it. Finally, how are your shoes? Do they fit snugly? Do they have good support at the ankle? Are they cushioned well enough for the running and jumping in a game of basketball? You'd be surpised how much strain a good fitting pair of quality shoes can relieve.