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How to push analog sound data to a Digital Text Display? Answered

Trying to figure out the best way to build a Digital Text Display (DTD) for an analog device. The device is a phonetic word generator with a data output (normal 3.5mm aux out), and I can’t figure out the easiest way to push that info to be displayed onto an LCD screen. Arduino? Something I can build from PCB parts and an LCD screen? Any help is much appreciated. Can’t find a certain device that is rare but thought I could build the same device because it seems simple, yet I can’t find the proper tutorial. I’m a beginner in building devices like this. Thanks!


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1 year ago

Do you know the type of data and protocol?
If so than any microprocessor, including Arduino would be capable of doing it.
Not knowing the details anout the data however mean not possible without reverse engeneering.