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How to put Flora Atmega32u4 and an accelerometer from sparkfun 2gether? Answered

Hello everyone =) I am an undergraduated Brazilian student who just got started with the wearables fever *w*... I tought about recreating a tutorial I found in Adafruit: sparkle skirt --> https://learn.adafruit.com/assets/7396

But I bought the Flora Atmega32u4 (https://learn.adafruit.com/getting-started-with-flora/overview)  and an accelerometer from sparkfun (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9269). And as a starter, I am having some issues to understand how to connect one to the other without ruining any of them =/...

If it is a noobish question I apologize ˆˆ'''... Thank you guys o/


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6 years ago

You've got a couple of things going on here...

The accelerometer chip is on a tiny breakout board. You will want to solder on some header pins first so you can connect to it. My experience here https://www.instructables.com/id/Necomimi-Arduino-C...

Wearables is usually done with conductive thread. I have found that prototyping and learning to use the Arduino is better done with real wire connections. Troubleshooting conductive thread connections and traces is a little bit more work. The Flora was designed to sew conductive thread through its connection holes on the circuit board. Since they are wider, many people will use alligator clip test leads to connect. The breakout board is so small, using alligator clips will lead to frustration since they slip and might short out. Adafruit does make a Flora-like accelerometer board to be used with conductive thread so your problem is figuring out what to adapt. My advice is to solder wire loops or header pins(male or female) to your breakout board if you are using conductive thread. I recommend female headers on both boards if you want to extend the breadboarding wire technique for prototyping where you can just plug in wires.

So once they are physically wired up, look on the respective sites Adafruit or Sparkfun for their tutorials on the component. Make sure you use the 3.3v power for the breakout board. You will probably need to install the libraries for each in the IDE. Print out a chart of the pinout on a Flora to find the needed I2C connections for hooking up the accelerometer. Load your sample sketch and fire up the serial monitor to see what is going on with the accelerometer values. The accelerometer is quite sensitive and be aware some markings might not correspond to what you think it is, like the X, Y or Z axis and some pin numbers(I have an old Flora -pin 11 was 12 something like that) and you need to adapt your sample sketches to use the correct pins.

Good luck.