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How to put file into pic16f690? Answered

I was wondering how do you put file into pic16f690 microcontroller?


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Calico Jack O
Calico Jack O

12 years ago

Please be more defined. Do you mean any of the following: A. How do you burn a program to the PIC? B. How do you write to EEPROM? C. How do you write a .hex file to the PIC? D. How do you write any other file extension (.txt, .jpg, ect.) to the PIC? If you meant : A. PICKit 2 works great and is made for it. There are other DIY programmers if you google it or look around here. B. Same as A. C. Same as A D. You don't... If you changed the information to hexidecimal then you could do A. Good luck. If it is none of the above please clarify more.