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How to put wood exterior on a round-top ShelterLogic shed? Answered

The tarp on my 5-year-old round-top ShelterLogic shed ripped off. I would like to know how I could put wood on the exterior rather than buying a replacement tarp. I do not want to actually "build" a shed due to zoning laws and such. My thought was to attach C-clamps but unsure if this would work. Any ideas out there??? Thanks.  



5 years ago

Multiple things to consider here. The wood will add considerable weight to, what is essentially a tent. The poles may not be able to handle the added weight. Especially if you put any holes int he poles to attach the wood. As such you'll need some additional supports. Next you need to review your zoning laws. If the structure look semi-permanent, as it will clad in wood, local laws may consider it a shed.