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How to re-use an old speaker Answered

So, I have a bunch of old speakers lying around and I`d like to use them, but the input is those two wires (sorry, dont know the exact term) and I cant seem to use them anywhere other than the sound system itself. The problem is that the soundsystem is broken and, believe or not, the repair guy said he wouldnt even take a look at it because he probably wouldnt find the replacement parts if needed.

So now I have a bunch of speakers and nowhere to use them. Ive seen a few tutorials, like this one, but thats not exactly what Im looking. I just want to use these speakers plugged on my notebook, or maybe via bluetooth (Ive seen some modules capable of that).

What do I need to get?

Thank you all.


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5 years ago

Probably the repairman means that the costs( you haven't told the speaker and amplifierbrand)0f repairing the unit are too high compared to what it's worth.

His reason is a weak one; Everything is replacable for cross-reference parts. Only you buy a set of speaker with bluetueth for almost nothing, your biggest problem is the need for an external soundcard, since internal cards in a laptop suck.But why don't you screw him open yourself, if it doesn't work at all , you look for a broken part near your powersupply, and it's often a capacitor , the fuse, check your powersupply cable connection. If it doesn't work totally anymore it's probably not a fet/transistor since they often have their own amplifier stage or it must be a simple chip-amp . Just make one yourself like the guy benauth me said or search for tripath amplifier. With a 2050 chip, straight from china, 50 euro and sound nice . I have a master degree micro-electronics , so it's easy talking to build it yourself. Financially you just as well can buy a second hand , two year old denon/marantz amplifier. Since they also use a chip amplifier, but first check the inside and post a picture.