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How to recover AutoCAD DWG file ? Answered

Tried to recover bak file, but there is no bak file in temporary files. AutoCAD didn’t recover the file itself. The version is 2014. There migt be some error occurred in saving process. Don’t know any solutions. Please help me to repair this file.



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Best Answer 6 years ago

In the setting of AutoCAD options (options) in the File tab (the leftmost tab) there is a path autosave. There AutoCAD saves temporary files, usually with the extension ac $ (in the tab opening and saving) .You must look for it. Generally, if there are files, they can be found by date, and they can be seen the empty volume or not. To open them you need to simply rename, appending the extension DWG. the same can be done with the files with the extension bak. And yet there is a command in AutoCAD recover it allows you to open corrupted files.


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Also look here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/fb2d8693-9551-43b7-9310-584471d60a56/autocad-files-corrupted?forum=w7itproappcompat


3 years ago

Take into use Drawing Recovery Manager or by command _DRAWINGRECOVERY, this instrument will recover drawing which were opened during program failure.

In case it didn't help you, take a look at DWG Repair Tool at url address http://www.filerepairtools.com/autocad-recovery-tool.html it's autocad recovery wizard reads damaged *.DWG files containing AutoCAD graphics data and exports repaired data directly to a new AutoCAD project