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How to remodel my front yard garden? Answered

Hi, i have my front yard that I want to renovate so that it is both appealing day and night to anybody who walks in and memorises that moment.  This is the area that has the most traffic everyday at about any time so it needs to be practical, safe and appealing.  I want to design and use any materials but needs to be in the green way as there are much focus on these nowadays and prevent wastage. This is what I have in mind:

12 volt system:
A/or many power packs that will provide power to all the electrical stuffs, charged using solar panels and since these will be low voltage it should be safe. Items that would be using 12v would be outdoor lighthing, the power cables, water pump submersible, submersible light.  It would be great to have an electrical plan that would aid however I don't know how to do that.

Water feature:
Add a biological filter made of concrete for the pond with all its plumbing and also add overflow drain in pond and a small canal to evacuate the excess of water. 

Concerning the plants some will be moved, cut down or removed completely.  I want a complete mixture of different kinds of plants such
As bushes creeping plants etc.  It would be nice to create a plant plan both written and visual as it would aid greatly however I don't really have that knowledge.

Other things:
I would like to include pergolas and arbours and also allow plants to grow on them such as creeping plants. I want the area to have complete or as much privacy as possible but don't really know specially by hiding the view from above.  As A boundary I want to include fencing and then let creeping plants to grow on them just to get that privacy.  An automatic watering system would be very good such as popup sprinkler, or drip irrigation but an irrigation plan would best be suited but still I don't know how to make that. There should be provision for spaces in adding security cameras that would remain hidden for a certain time period. Finally there should be an Area to store dustbin and also to let clothes dry.


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7 years ago

You need to know the measurements. Start with graph paper and draw a scale outline you can then try out various arrangements until you find something that fits your imagination. This is really only something that can be done face to face

Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

7 years ago

You can get Solar Garden Lights like the ones in my Instructable:


However I would not recommend them without a lot of thinning of your plants.

Stringed lights like these Solar Garden Fairy Lights:


With these you can put the solar cell up high in full light and string the lights where you want.

For the pond again a solar Garden water pump like this where you can put the solar cell in full light like the stringed solar lights and pump the water to the top of a water fall.