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How to remove a constraint in Fusion360? Answered

It is apparent that my Replicator 5th generation is using too much material. The boxes would only fit on the smallest gage and this was too tight. I want to modify the file so that the step is .003 so that I can do a fit test for my machine. The only problem is that I cannot figure out how to modify the dimensions on the file. When I go to change the dimensions, I get the 'over constrain' flag. In Inventor, I would just hit F8 to see the constraints and remove them. I could then change the dimensions. How do I do this in Fusion? I could easily whip this up in Inventor, but I am trying to learn Fusion, also.



Best Answer 2 years ago

I'm glad you're digging this deep! I would suggest making your own design with the .003 step, I think you'll save time that way.

That being said, you can remove most constraints this way: select lines, right-click, then select "break link". This should make the lines unconstrained.


2 years ago

Thanks Jon-a-Tron,

I had already done what you suggested. I made a .003 design and printed it out on both of my printers. I now have a chart for reference to use for tolerances. Thanks for the great project and the Fusion help.

fit kit for Makerbot.jpegtolerance guide pix.JPG