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How to remove backups? Answered

I just updated my old computer to service pack 3 and I noticed that when it was going through the update proses that it was backing up my commuter. Once it had finished updating and it had been restarted. I checked to see how much space it had taken from my small 10 gb harddive and found that the update had taken up around 3.5gb of my hardrive. I is the huge amount of space taken up the fault of it backing up my hardrive? If so how can I remove just the backup?



Best Answer 10 years ago

I'm assuming here that you're using Windows XP SP3.

With that said, the backups are generally in folders in C:\Windows\

and follow this format:

Each of these is associated with an update made to your machine. Most of the time, you won't need these files after you've made the update and most can be deleted. Do NOT delete C:\Windows\$hf_mig$, as doing so would remove the ability for Windows to know which updates have been installed, which makes updating the machine in the future a wreck.

You can also safely remove the contents of C:\Windows\Temp usually. This folder is often the storage place for contents of updates and can be cleaned out regularly to save space on your drive.

Remember, do not delete C:\Windows\$hf_mig$

Happy computing!