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How to remove model paint? Answered

OK, my little brother sprayed Testors paint all over one of my best nerf guns (Vulcan EBF-20) and I need to know how to remove it. sandpaper is out of the question, so I'm looking for some solvent that will remove it.


the poodleo

8 years ago

ifcheck the label. it is probablya laquer paint, im not sure what the correct cleaner is, but you can ask the person at your local hobby shop. they will know. I know its some chemical u can buy at the home depo or something, but the guy at the hobby shop will know what u r talking about.


8 years ago

I don't know how large this is . I've been saoking off paint (I like to call these failed finishes) from model cars for decades now . I restore old builds and remove finishes I don't like . Soak with one of these . I suggest as I have used these sucessfully . As with all of these , scrubb off the old paint with a toothbrush . Not not your bettetr half''s toothbrush when she is not looking . This will remove loose paint after soaking . Repete as necessary .

1) Easy Off Oven Cleaner . I use the blue can as I am not able to handle the fumes . Use in a well ventillated area . Soak and scrub .
2) 409 Cleaner . Soak and scrubb .
3) Brake Fluid does work . Then you end up with a nightmare to rid yourself when your work is done . I don't like it as it leaves the plastic feeling funny .
4) Castrol Super Clean , I haven't persnally tried it . My fellow Car Model site members use this and do well with it . Once again , soak and scrub . I hope this helps . Thanx ..


8 years ago

use brake fluid it is very safe even with plastic


10 years ago

Probably paint thinner, but it might attack the plastic. Terpentine might clean it off and would probably be kinder to the plastic. You can even get odorless terps at the art store. What does the spray can say to use for cleanup? Test it on a small piece of the gun first.