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How to remove surface marks on a newly forged knife? Answered

I just forged a brand new knife (my first time) and i was wondering how to remove small surface marks and imperfections? Ive never worked with metal before.




9 years ago

what kind of surface marks are you talking about? if they're smudges, you can just buff them out. if they're minor scratches you can buff them out with light sand paper and elbow grease. if they're major scratches, you will probably need to refinish the blade. if they're waves in the steel you really can't do much at the skill level you've described. good luck


10 years ago

Grinder or file. Professional knife-makers use belt sanders designed for knife grinding. Start with filing or grinding to the outline of what you want. Then work the bevels that form the cutting edge and the flats. Don't try to sharpen it yet, you need to get the shape right first, and a sharp knife gets dangerous : ) (I have stitches to prove that) After grinding or filing, move to sandpaper for a smoother polish. Use a sanding block to keep flat shapes flat, and to keep any sharp edges away from your fingers. Wet-or-dry sandpaper (the dark grey stuff) works well, using it wet makes the sandpaper last longer. Start with 220 or 320, then 400, then 600 (if you want to go that fine). You can get a pack of 5 sheets that will have these grits (you get more of some grits, usually the coarser ones).