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How to remove the drawers from a Teknion File cabinet? Answered

I have a Teknion 2 drawer vertical file cabinet. I am trying to remove the drawers for easier transport. But I could not find instructions anywhere. I read some articles about doing that to steelcase cabinets. But none for Teknion cabinets. Moreover the instructions for dismantling the other file cabinets like HON and Steelcase don't seem to apply to Teknion. Can you provide info on how to remove the drawers from the cabinet?


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11 years ago

There are several ways of removing drawers, I don't know if I can suggest one that'll help. 1.) Drawers LIFT from the front, and a set of wheels lifts from the runners. 2.) Small catch swings out of the way at the front of the runner. 3.) A small metal flap is pushed out into the track to stop the drawer falling out. Push the flaps gently out of the way, while withdrawing the drawer.