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How to remove watch face/dial? Answered

I have been trying to clean the crystal/glass and a minute hand of a watch. I do not have a tool for removing a watch crystal/glass so I thought I would try removing the movement and face from the back. I managed to remove the movement but the face/dial seems to be extremely firmly built into the case, see photo, and I cannot seem to remove it from the back. It is a chronograph and the two chrono buttons do not screw out like the crown does, which stop the metal face/dial coming out too, but regardless the face/dial seems to be extremely firmly pressure fitted so I cannot see a way of removing it without bending or breaking it. Is the only option to remove the crystal/glass itself to clean it up? If so, I don't have a special tool for removing it, has anyone removed a crystal like this with a knife or other tools? It is a plastic/acrylic domed type crystal/glass.




1 year ago

Same Issue here, similar watch.

Removing the chronograph buttons doesn't help either.


Answer 1 year ago

Hi, eventually I saw that if I pressed a thin rod like object into the holes I could push the crystal out, but that did scratch it. maybe if its got some kind of padding on it that might work. Or, this was just a plastic crystal, you could try removing it from the outside, depending how hard its pressed in, on the very edge if you could get some purchase with a knife or other edge tool, perhaps it could be forced to pop out. It depends how hard the maker pressed it in, I've seen it can differ from watch to watch. This is plastic too so it might be easier than a glass crystal.