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How to repair the auger and drive on a pellet heater stove? Answered

A neighbor got a used pellet stove partly dissasembed. He was told that the auger quit working. Now I need to know how to reassemble it and locate the reason the auger stopped working. The only label we can find simply says Eclipse.
Thank you



8 years ago

The only one of these i have seen also had Auger problems caused by the universal joint between parts of the auger where it turned slightly to line up with the boiler having no support on either side of the joint allowing it to flex. After a while it got out of line a chewed itself up.

Solution a simple bush bearing either side of the joint bolted to the frame.


8 years ago

What problem are you having?
You haven't made it clear where you're stuck.



8 years ago

I only saw, My friends stove.
The auger was a mini gear motor ( low cost )
My friends motor failed and had to be replaced.
The auger collects wood Pellets from the lowest part of the pellet bin and
Lifts the pellets to a high slide above the fire box.
The pellet must slide into the fire box on its own momentum, I don't know how
the smoke and soot is kept out of the slide.

Hope this helps.