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How to resolve laptop low disk space problem? Answered

Do you know how I can extend my laptop system partition space? In fact, recently, this system partition just gets a low disk space problem and has only about 5% of free space left. Since this low disk space problem has stopped me installing some programs there several times, I think perhaps I can extend this partition space with the free space of the rest partitions, like D, E or F. Is my idea workable? What am I supposed to do for extending this partition space? Any idea or suggestion will be greatly appreciated here!



4 years ago


Disk management allows you to extend system partition, but there must be unallocated space contiguous behind the system partition, or the extend volume will gray out.

if you cannot use disk management, I share aomei partition asistant with you. the more detail will help you finish the task


hope can help you solve your problem


4 years ago

Need professional guidance to remove this
low memory error? This article could be what you are looking for:


Follow its steps and see whether your
problem could be resolved.

In the future, regularly delete unnecessary
files, folders and programs to keep enough free space on your system drive.


4 years ago

I have tried to extend my video partition
with the guidance of a video tutorial:


If you really know a little about partition
extending, this tutorial may also help you a lot.

Just follow its steps and see whether your
low disk space problem could be easily resolved.


4 years ago

Yes, you can try to extend this partition
space for resolving this low disk space problem.

Simply back up all partition data well on
another drive and open Disk Management. Delete or shrink one partition with
enough free space and right click this system partition there.

Of course, you also can directly use some
partition resizing tools online.

Read more information here:


Remember to firstly back up all partition
data well in case of unwanted data loss.


4 years ago

If you have enough free spac on the same physical drive it is no problem, if the space is on a drifferent hard drive you have a problem.

There are lots of programs out to re-partiition a drive, some even as freeware.

The dsikmanager in Windows should be able to do it too but I don't trust this as I lost data with it before.

Bit old, but you will get the picture: