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How to rip data from a phone? Answered

So my phone is now rather broken, im using a backup as a large portion of the touchscreen is no longer responsive, so my issue is that there are large amounts of data i would prefer not to lose on the phone in various apps and things that would not be saved to the sd card

for instance the messenging service Kik, i have a lot of messages i would prefer not to lose 

ive always thought when i wouldnt have an issue with a root going bad , for instance when i would have a replacement phone on hand, then i would root it and get the data off it

so my issue comes down to is it possible to root a phone, retrieve the data WITHOUT needing the fully functioning touchscreen? for instance all through the computer 

the phone's model is the T-Mobile MyTouch Q (without slide out keyboard)



4 years ago

You can do a full backup with ADB, over a USB connection, but unless you have root access there are somethings it can't recover - unfortunately some app data is one of those things.

You could use Google backup, which SHOULD put everything for an app on the cloud, for you to restore when you reinstall the app on your new phone.


4 years ago

If you have another compatible phone then take it to your local T-Mobile store. They have the equipment needed to transfer everything from one to another.