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How to run Ardublock in Ubuntu Answered

I wanted to ask a question to the community of instructables, hoping to solve my problem:
I've been trying for a few days to integrate ardublock with arduino 1.5.8 within Xubuntu.
All attempts that I made following the various indications,:


but I had no success!
After changing the destination folder schetch and open the Arduino, again I get the message:

"the schetch folder no longer exists.
Arduino will use the default location and create a new folder if needed .... at which point Arduino stops talking about himself in the third person. "

And finally the arduino opens usual way without integrating into the ardublock folder.
I understand that this explanation is a little vague but if anyone from these clues can figure out the error I will be grateful;
I remain waiting and ready to give further study to ask them about me.
Thank you all for your attention


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