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How to run a mini halogen light from the mains? Answered

Hi all,
I am working on a project and need to run a mini (35mm) halogen globe from the mains.  I live in Australia and our  mains from off 24v.  

If I try and run the halogen it works ok but soon heats-up a lot.  I'm assuming that I need a transformer to reduce the voltage or amperage but cant find anything on the net!  I want to run the lamp that I am building direct from the AC socket.  Does anyone have any solutions?  I have also looked at 12v LED ones as well and thought that this might be the best path to go down.  



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Best Answer 7 years ago

Most halogen lamps mde for domestic use will be mains voltage or 50 volts. Yes it will get HOT in use that is one of the down sides of halogen lamps. If the lamp idn't blow it is more than likely a mains lamp.

It should have the required voltage stamped on it somewhere.

LED lamps intended for mains use are a much better bet and run cool.