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How to safely remove led from my humidifier? Answered

Bought tiny humidifier, big enough for bedtime but not so big as to ruin my electronics. It comes with a blue led behind the button that comes on when it’s on. The problem is that it’s very bright and disrupts sleep. I tried putting electric tape over the button, which helped some, but it continues to light up the water behind it. I want to remove it, but it looked like it is attached to a tiny circuit board, of which I have little experience. It is only one blue led, how do I remove it without destroying the circuit board and thus my humidifier?

Note: I do have a soldering iron, but I'm afraid I'm gonna get solder everywhere and mess it all up because the push button part and the led are so close.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 years ago


I know that's the wire you want to cut, because I saw almost this exact same scene in a big budget, Hollywood, action movie one time.


Seriously though, in the second picture, the one where we can see the wires soldered to the bottom of this little board with the button and the LED on it, in that picture, it looks kind of like the red wire is connected in series with the LED.

It is hard to tell, because this picture is kind of a sideways view of the board, and it is hard to see which trace goes where, but I am guessing the two white wires are in series with the switch, and the red and black wires are carrying current to the blue LED.

In other words, cutting the red wire, or the black one, will interrupt current to the LED, and the two white wires going to the switch are independent of that. You know, leave the white wires alone, and I expect the function of the switch will remain unchanged.

I don't know for sure, because I do not actually see exactly where the wires are going, but this is my best guess based on the photos you have given us.