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How to send numbers over IR with Arduino Answered


When I buy a cheap remote from the store, and I run a IR receiving sketch, every time I push a button I get a series of numbers e.g. 1259575. Now I now how to receive IR.

But how do I transmit a number through IR? Every where I go it is outdated and doesn't work.
All of Ken Sheriff's stuff is sending special Sony, Panasonic and othercompany's codes. I just want to send a number.

I just want to hook up an IR LED to Arduino and have it flash a number! Simple, right?



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7 years ago

When you hit a button on a remote it sends out a specific code. A set number and duration of flashes. The sketch you have been using has a table of the known codes and can tell you what code has been sent by the remote.

I take it you want to set up IR communication between a pair of Arduinos!? Then its all a matter or what kind of protocol you create for them.

Check this out.


Reply 7 years ago

I'm hoping I can use two ATtiny85's . . .

I'll definitely check out that link, thanks!