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How to set a motion detector that will wirelessly activate my vehicle's light bar for 30sec from 11:30pm-5:30am? Answered

I bought a Whelen LED lightbar which an installer will put on my vehicle using a Federal SW200-B four switch module and a 50 Hi amp circuit breaker to install it to the vehicle's battery. 
I'd like to have the lightbar automatically trigger on for 30 seconds every time someone pulls in to my lot between 11:30 pm and 5am.
What do you recommend I need to pull this off? Motions detectors, wireless switches, timers, etc?

I'm clueless in these matters, please be clear and simple :)
I'm located in S. Jersey




1 year ago

1. You will need something that can handle the signal from a motion sensor

2. You need something to switch the light bar.

3. You need something that can time 30 sec and turn it off again.

The obvious way is to use a microcontroller - Some simple programming to detect the motion sensor signal, switch the relay and set the timer going is prety all that this needs

The motion sensor could be a bought PIR sensor like a standard garage flood light sensor. These often have a relay output because they are intended to turn on flood lights - in face you could just go for that fit a motion detect flood light in your lot. Very cheap to buy and no hassle. OR you could get your electrician to wire the PIR sensor to your light bar when he fits it and put a switch in line so you can turn it off when you don't need it.

The microprocessor, Arduino or Picaxe (easier to program) or a similiar small board type microprocessor. (BUT it will need programming). A relay to turn the output on.

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Ezmel rickharris

Answer 1 year ago

Thanks! Do you what kind of sensor can pick up both vehicles and pedestrians? That is important because vandalism comes in all shapes and sizes ;)


Answer 1 year ago

Obvious maybe, but old school is possible too and quite cheap:
A lightbar is nice, even better if you add remote control.
12V models with a good distance are available from Fleaby for often under 15 bucks.
Now you simply order a second remote for the module plus a standard motion detector.
If you have mains power within range it would be prefered for the motion detector.
Use a motion detector with a relay output and use this to close the connection for the remote button ;)
Now you can activate the light with your own remote when going bush and with the motion detector in your driveway.
If you have a gate then of course you could use a laser "bell" as often used in small shops to trigger the remote after a bit of hacking.

Ezmel Downunder35m

Answer 1 year ago

Thanks Rick!

Unfortunately I cannot find anything on fleabay

Do you have any specific products in mind?

I'll definitely write up this project and post online because I haven't found anything similar yet and I'd love to help others