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How to set up a powered subwoofer pc speaker set, without the powered subwoofer? Answered

I have a set of pc speakers, no mfgr markings, that were to include a subwoofer. Given to me without the subwoofer. Only reason I know about subwoofer is one side has a port that has printed next to it,"to subwoofer." I'd like to just make it into a set without the subwoofer. It has 3 stereo male plugs, in weird configurations, and I think it may need rewiring. Also has a volume "wheel" switch on one speaker. Oi, this is too much trouble, isn't it? Well, anyone have ideas, even if your suggestion is to go buy a new/cheap set. Thanks folks!?



8 years ago

Just use it as it stands. You won't get much bass signal without a woofer, but that's inherent in desktop speakers; the sound may be perfectly adequate for 99% of what you want.