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How to set up an ad hoc wireless system? Answered

i have a small computer in my locker at school and i want to be able to acess remotely without being connected to a network. i was going to use an ad hoc system, will this work or is there a better way.

both computers have build in wireless, if that helps



9 years ago

It can be done using an ad-hoc network as you suggest, but the range is going to be horrible. The (assuming) metal locker is going to shield it, and you'll be lucky to get a signal more than 20ft away. I have a robot setup at home that I control from my laptop over an ad-hoc network. Even out in the open, I'm lucky if I can get more then 3 rooms away before it starts to loose the signal and become uncontrollable. http://www.digitgeek.com/how-to-connect-two-computers-using-a-direct-wi-fi-ad-hoc-connection/