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How to setup IP phone network? Answered

I want to know what is required to make IP phone network. I mean what software? what type of Phone? how to set up parameters in software. thanks



1 year ago

can some tell me every single step to install and set up tda100? including steps of connecting phones on it


6 years ago

Decide how many phones will be used on the network. If only one phone is needed, the simplest way to set up the network would be to subscribe to a public service like Vonage or Skype. If several phones are needed and you want to call between phones on your site, select a switching mechanism.

Select a switching mechanism. The switching protocol of choice is the Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP. You can use either a SIP proxy server or a SIP PBX, like Asterisk. A SIP proxy controls messages used for call connection and disconnection. A Soft PBX, in addition to offering proxy services, can include a voice mail system, answer messages and more. However, a Soft PBX is more complex to set up. See the links in the resources to obtain open sources software for these.

Configure the switching server. If you plan to use a server, the most important thing to configure is the IP address and mask of the server. Choose an IP address from your IP network design or ask your network administrator for an address. This address must be configured into the IP phones.

Choose the end points. IP phones will be the most expensive option. Telephone adaptors let you use traditional telephones. Soft phones require that a computer be available and powered on to make a phone call. Consider the problem of power failure. Battery back-up is recommended for VoIP networks.
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Configure IP phones if selected. IP phones usually have a basic menu that can be accessed with the keypad. At a minimum, you can configure the IP address of the phone, or examine the phone to see if it has successfully obtained an IP address automatically. The details of how this is done will vary from vendor to vendor, so refer to the documentation for your phone. Once the IP address of phone is known, the remaining configuration can be done using a web browser. Type the IP address of the phone in the address bar at the top of a browser and follow the vendor's documentation to configure remaining parameters.

Configure telephone adaptors. Telephone adaptors usually use tones from an attached telephone for the initial configuration. Once an IP address and mask have been entered, the remaining configuration is done from a web browser. Type the address of the phone in the address bar at the top of the browser and follow the vendor's documentation to configure remaining parameters.

Configure soft phones. The details of configuring software phones will vary depending on the phone selected. The important parameters to configure will be the IP address of the proxy or PBX and the phone number of the phone.


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