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How to solder 478 pin molex on the board? Answered

Found an old board which has 478 molex broken.
It is BGA so it is easy to remove old molex. I've found some new one on ebay for something like £4-£5, my question is how to solder new molex?
http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/285247/MOLEX/51248-4792.html here you can see how it soldered originally.

I understand that this requires special equipment, etc. but it would be nice to fix it as I have old 3.2 processor,therefore can make file server,etc.

The one thing I thought is attach sew to the solder iron and solder each connection individually, which is would be time consuming and most probably very inaccurate due to hand shaking etc.

Another thing is just "solder" processor directly on the bga, removing all pins and use hot air.Although it may be very "brittle".

Any other way/ideas how to do this?


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10 years ago

You still have to correctly mount the heat sink on the processor so I think the thickness of the socket is accounted for and you need it. Trying to resolder the socket on will lessen the worry of damaging the actual processor chip. Look up wave soldering or surface mount or small package soldering instructables. They should give you some clues to the techniques to try. A big magnifying glass would help. Good luck