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How to solve: Pinterest is rejecting my ability to pin an instructable? Answered

I've tried twice now just within the last half hour to pin a link to an instructable; one for microwave omelette in a cup and the other tandoori chicken. Both attempts were rejected due to the website containing inappropriate content.

I've pinned many Instructables before, never have I had this issue.

Please, can someone tell me how to solve this issue? Otherwise, I shall find another outlet for sharing, remove my data from Pinterest, and do everything I can to expose them.

Thank you.

First, they came for my facebook, so I deleted my account. Then they came for my Pinterest, and I suspended my activity. Then they came for my Instructables, and no one was left to defend me.


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3 years ago

Hey there! This is something we are trying to get to the bottom of. It looks like Pinterest suspended all Instructables.com content and we are working with their Business support team to figure out what's happening.

I'll update this comment thread once we know more :)

-audreyobscura, Instructables Community Team