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How to solve Problem email spam with my BellSouth Email Adress? Answered


Someone is using my bellsouth domain email address and using it to spam folks to folks i have sent emails to in the past. Just started occuring yesterday. How do I stop this mess? Do i just stop using the address and get another?


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3 years ago

This is likely to be one of three things, either 1) your e-mail account has been compromised, 2) your computer has been compromised, or 3) your e-mail address is being spoofed.

1) First thing you should do is change the password for your e-mail account. Use a complex password (at least 8 characters, a mixture of letters and numbers, and at least one special character).

2) If there is a chance your computer has been compromised I recommend you update any security software (anti-virus) that you have installed and perform a full scan (not a quick scan). I would also recommend installing the free version of MalwareBytes and performing a full scan. It will also be worth running a free virus scan, Google Trend HouseCall (it's a free on-demand virus and spyware scanner). Then install any OS updates, if you have Windows 10 this should happen automatically.

3) If your e-mail address is being spoofed there is not a great deal you can do to prevent this. The chances of this depends on how well set-up your mail providers servers are and equally how stringent the recipients mail servers are at verifying the origins.