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How to solve error in schematic using 74xx devices? Answered

I have downloaded latest Eagle version. I have designed the schematics using simple 74xx IC. IC name : 74LS192N-DIL16 After all neccesary connection, I have check for the error(Erc check). Following error is comming: ERROR: Sheet 1/1: no SUPPLY for implicit POWER Pin IC1P VCC How to solve this error ? bcoz in symbol there is no pin for VCC(pin8) or GND(pin16)?



Senator Penguin

10 years ago

The power and ground pins are on a separate gate for many parts. Use the "invoke" tool on the part to pull up a list of the gates, and select the supply gate so you can place it on the schematic and connect it.


10 years ago

eagle and other EDA programs often leave off the power and ground pins from the schematic gate representations. Instead, they are connected using off circuit pins tied to the approraite nets... If they are left unconnected, then the circuit will seem to be unpowered by the simulator and or ERC. Check the Eagle help file for more information, as I use other EDA programs and can't say how it's done in that package. that is, you haven't actually completed all necc connections.