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How to stepup DC 5V @ 700 mA TO DC 5- 7V @ 1-1.5 A ? Answered



5 years ago

While it is true there is a LAW preventing us from giving young experimenters
designs whose output power exceeds the input,

There is another way ... using time shift ..... see the circuit

If you don't want to build it yourself. ebay can provide the up-verter.
for less then $3 but you need to supply a 5Amp-hr 6V or 12V battery.

5V  Charger 7vbatt.JPGdc2DC.jpg

5 years ago

You can't take a 5V 700mA source and boost it to 7V @ 1A.

Too boost voltage you have to sacrifice current. To boost current you have to sacrifice voltage. If you need an adjustable power supply that can offer 5V to 7V and 1A to 1.5A then you'll need a source that offers more. Like a 12V source that can offer about 1.5A. Then you can use an LM317 voltage regulator to bring the voltage down to what you need.