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How to sterilize a jug Answered

Hello I am a homebrewer and I would like to know how to sterilize a jug for the procces of making wine (I have done it this way before but never serilized anything). the jug is just like a milk jug.......no I don't own a carboy. my rig is a robber stopper in the lug with clear plastic pipe running from a the jug to a glass of water. my question is how do I sterilize all this? well im here how do I sterilize a cork and wine bottle


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12 years ago

Boiling -- this is like sterilizing canning jars or baby bottles
Place bottles and caps in kettle, add water to completely cover them.
Bring water to boil and boil for five minutes.
Turn off heat, use tongs to lift the items out or allow kettle cool just enough so you can pour off water and remove items. Let bottles and caps drain and dry in dishrack a few minutes.

Hydrogen Peroxide -- from supermarket or drugstore, cheapest brand is fine.
Buy a fresh 16oz bottle of 3% strength hydrogen peroxide (so it won't be opened and old).
Fill first bottle 1/2 full of hydrogen peroxide and shake well.
Then pour first bottle's peroxide into second bottle and shake well.
Keep pouring and shaking the peroxide from bottle to bottle until finished, adding more peroxide if necessary. Meanwhile, have caps soaking in some peroxide.
Rinse out bottles and caps well with hot water.

Clorox -- or equivalent plain laundry or household bleach
Add 1/2 teaspoon Clorox to one gallon of water (using an empty or full distilled water bottle).
Line up bottles in sink and fill each to top with Clorox water, soak caps in some in little dish.
Let soak for 5 minutes, then rinse out bottles and caps thoroughly with hot water.

One of the safer ways, it you are unsure of the reaction your bottle may have to extreme heat (boiling water for instance), is to use a purchased product just for this purpose. Some are powder forms and some are sterilizing solutions


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Do not use Clorox with anything permeable like corks or wooden utensils.


12 years ago

You could use the solution used for sterilising baby bottles. The one we used to use was simply "add this many tablet to this volume of water", so it should be easily scaled up.

Or you could use steam (not boiling the jug) - obtain or make a long straight neck on a steam cleaner and use it to jet-clean the inside of the jug. Wear gloves.