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How to stop a 220V LED , flashing in "OFF" mode ? Answered

I bought a new 220V 50Hz night lamp.
It works nicely, execpt that in few places in my house, 
when the switch is in OFF mode, the LED is FLASING (!!!) at a rate of every 6 to 10 seconds
How can I stop this flashing ?
In fact, I can not leave the lamp connected to power. I must plug off the cable from the power when I do not need the light.
Please help




4 years ago

I think I may know the answer to your comment. your lamp probably has some capacitors inside. When the switch is off, the high voltage AC radiates a changing magnetic field and causes a very tiny current flow on the other side of the switch. This tiny amount of electricity charges up the capacitor, and when the capacitor is full, it discharges and flashes the LED(s) at full power. This can be solved by having a high value discharge resistor on the capacitor to keep it discharged.

Here is a video of the phenomenon on an LED bulb: Look in the comments; they talk about it.


5 years ago

Hi there.
I saw that most of the answers were very heronic.
I have the same problem. I bought two lamps.
These two lamps, are not from China. But I am not a rachist.
These two lamps, are on my room and my parents. Everything worked perfect for almost 6 month. Until one day, both started to flash. For sure, the switch is working perfect and I know that it don't interrupts the neutral. I think I have to connect a capacitor or a resistor in parallel with the lamp.
What do you thing?

Punk Love Designs

6 years ago

Just reminded me of a classic joke from http://consumerist.com/2011/07/05/xx-frugal-things-your-dad-did/

"“I asked my father what to do when my car’s check engine light came on. His advice was, “Alright. Go down to the hardware store, and buy yourself a roll of black electrical tape. Now, tear off a piece about about the half the length of your thumb. Get inside your car and turn the engine on. Now, where you see the “check engine” light, you’re going to place that electrical tape right over the light. That’ll stop it from bothering you”. – Ahardy55



6 years ago

220V 50Hz?

That looks like a typical 2 prong US plug which would mean its 110V 60Hz.


6 years ago

It's probably a faulty switch! If you know enough open it up and check the wiring inside the switch, if the wiring looks OK replace the switch.


6 years ago

This only a 2 pin plug.

When it flashes next time pull the plug - Turn it over and replace with the pins in the other holes.

The switch is only in one line and isn't breaking the live line every time. because the LED will activate with very little current earth leakage is making the LED flash as the stand and what it is on acts like a capacitor.

Also possible a fault where the stand can be live depending on which way the plug is in.

An alternative solution would be to put a 3 core lead on it and ground the stand making sure the switch breaks the live side.

IMHO ALL mains equipment unless double insulated or made from plastic should be earthed.


Answer 6 years ago

I have a very similar led lamp from ikea; it flickers when ON - it's a faulty switch. On mine however, there is a wall-wart adapter to bring it down to presumably 12 volts, and you only switch the low voltage.