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How to take the project off of the arduino board? Answered

So i have been looking for a long time for a way to "take the project off of the arduino board" (unsure what else to call it so that hampers my search) in order to reuse the board without buying a new one, or dissemble the old one each time i do a new project. Then i stumbled upon this instructable

i see how he just used the arduino only to program it.
How do you design this circuit??
i was unaware that the pins on the arduino correspond directly with pins on the chip, without extra parts between the chip and the pin. is this correct or am i mistaken?
in theory if i have the blink program loaded up on the arduino and then i take the chip out and wire it up with power going to it and the correct leg of the chip wired "directly" to the resistor and LED would that work?
I want to be able to program a different IC (assuming the correct model of chip is purchased) and use that in the final project so that i can then reuse the arduino.
Are there instructables for this already?
and i dont mind doing footwork, i just need to know what to search for.




Answer 2 years ago

OHHHHH MY GOSH thank you that's exactly what I was looking for


2 years ago

OOO lucky I have the pop out style of UNO
is there a way to make that work if you do need those components? or would buying all the individual parts be more expensive than a new board? like if I was to mass produce a item.


2 years ago

That would only work in specific cases when you don't need any of the other components on the board (crystal, UART, etc.) and only with old boards. The current version of the UNO has a different, soldered on chip. Just look up the pin-out for the specific chips and you should be able to work it out from there.