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How to talk to a girl thats in a group of friends? Answered

I see alot of girls i like but they always hang out in little groups of like 2 or 3. Whats an easy way to talk to them and ask the 1 girl out? I always get kinda ignored since they are having so much fun with the friends they are with.



Best Answer 10 years ago

you could do like a gradual thing. One day just walk by casually and say " Hey, ladies, what's up" and keep moving. Then they have noticed you. But don't act like you care too much. Be confident, even if you're faking it. Girls will never notice a shy or timid guy. If you can find a way to make them laugh, then you're in. Not laugh at you though. The purpose is first get them to notice you, then be interested. Then you kind of ignore them so they're then coming to you. Sounds awful. but i'm a chick i know...girls say they like the caring loving smushy face guy but in reality, we like guys for being guys, not girls. it's a balance thing. oh, don't come off too harsh, cause then you're just a jerk


9 years ago

yea i like jtp139's answer a lot. but my personal method of doing it is a little different. First, consider, is this girl someone who you see regularly, or is she someone who you randomly see at a gas station or something and will possibly never see again. These different situtations require different approaches. IF the first case is true, you have time on your side, use it! Make friends with the girl, just be a friend, master the art of flirting, then later when you ask her to go do something, she will already be comfortablewith you and you with her. If the second case were true, you will benefit from having experience in approaching girls. You will discover your own methods, but no matter what, the more times you try it, the better you will become. And in this case, the worst she can say is "no", and then you never see her again. Additionally for either case, there is an order to doing things. You want to ask her for her phone number not a date (yet)!! from there its all gravy, chicks love texting go get em tiger


10 years ago

Don't get ignored! You have to make them know that your present and your around! than ask the girl. Act naturally don't try to be too nice or she will get creeped out. Just act natural. Don't worry I'm sure she might say yes. :D Sorry if this doesn't help!