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How to test Sennheiser Microphone wireless transmitter ? Answered

Hi all,

I have a sennheiser Mikroport Transmitter HiDyn plus Model BF 1083-V, and a compatible microphone Sennheiser MKE 2-1053
How can i test if the device is working when i have receiver system that i can use to receive audio signals. I have however a cordless headphones set but that i capable of detecting audio signals in the range 800-900 Hz.
Whereas the said Sennheiser transmitter transmits in the range 244,600 to 249,900Hz

thanks for your replies.



7 years ago

You are asking how to test a sennheiser transmitter and mic without the receiver? I don't know of an easy way. The best way is to get the receiver. Sennheiser is a good brand, and their equipment doesn't easily break, so it probably works fine. I am not familiar with the model you are referencing, nor was I easily able to find information on Sennheiser's website, or Google. If you have a specs sheet, could you post it please? I might be able to help you better then.

Good luck! :)


Answer 7 years ago

Thanks for your response, A German version of the Manual for the said transmitter is available here, English text starts at page 8 in the manual.

I could not however find a spec sheet or manual for the mic.



Answer 7 years ago

OK, thanks for the manual. Just so you are aware, if you are in the US, I don't think that it is legal to use it anymore do to changing FCC rules and regulations. I don't know about other countries... I think that it would be illegal in most countries today. (It is a pretty old mic.) If you are looking for a receiver, EM 1031-V would be the correct receiver for the bodypack transmitter. (As far as I can tell)

Good luck!  :)