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How to test an analog tv screen ? Answered

I have a vega 542 TV that I recently purchased at a flea market . I took the outer cover off to find a mass of circuits, all labelled in Russian that I have no idea what they do. This small tv has an analog screen which I have no idea how to test. When I connect a power supply that is 3 v lower than recommend and was rewarded with a burst of static from the speaker and a high pitch hum from the circuits but a completely black screen. If you do anything that can help me get this working I'll be very pleased.



Josehf Murchison

5 years ago

I repaired TVs for a living before they went disposable.

Make sure the bright is turned up and use the recommended voltage.

RpKocTb the R is backwards for brightness RpKNN for bright R is reversed.

Picks would help.



5 years ago

Give it a signal input? the high pitched sound is good meaning that the flyback transformer circuit is working.