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How to tighten nut with bolt in jump rope? Answered

  well im trying to make my own jump that have bearing and more similar like buddy lee jump rope, i using eye bolt and old jump rope handle to make it look a like, so my questions is how to tighten the nut in the small jump rope size(inside the jump rope), if you can see from the picture let say i took the rope from that jump rope and replace it with the eye bolt, so put nut inside the jump rope handle, but the problem is right now to tighten the nut from the inside. any suggestion.



7 years ago

Best you can do is stick something up in there that can be wedged between the nut and the side wall of the handle to hold the nut in place. But you won't be able to get it very tight that way.

Another option would be, but won't allow the i bolt to spin freely, to get the nut down into the handle and use a straw to line it up with the hole. Get a straw that is as close to the inner diameter of the nut as you can. Make sure that straw is going into the handle several inches. Now you can fill the handle with a good epoxy. The straw should keep the epoxy from getting into the nut. Once the epoxy it dry the straw will be stuck there but shouldn't hinder you from getting the bolt in lace too much. The added bonus is it will be a tight fit and the straw will kind of act like lock tight and prevent the thing from moving at all.

Generally the rope is threaded through the handle and attached to whatever anchor is being used then the rope end and anchor are pulled back into the handle. If you want the rope to freely spin in the handle then find something that will accommodate that. Something that can be attached to the rope after it has been threaded through the handle. Something as simple as enlarging the hole in the top of the handle and tying it off to a small ring should do the trick.