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How to? timed latch release Answered

I want to make a box with seperate compartments with doors that will open to release a dog toy, treat etc. at timed intervals. I don't know how to use a timer to unlatch a door. Ideas? thanks - SpleenMa


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1 year ago

There's always several ways to solve a thing like this, but you need to provide a lot more info, for anyone to give you a good solution.
Do you just need them to open, or do they have to close after a time
If you just need them to open, a solenoid (with suitable driver) could be driven from a timer output, to unlatch the door and either a spring or a balance of sorts could take care of the actual opening action.
What timer are you using?
How are the doors hinged and placed and how heavy are they?
What are your skills?
Whatever else you can think of, that may make a difference, would make sense too.
Have a nice day :)