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How to transmit audio/video through a modded composite/ethernet cable from my computer to my television? Answered

So here's the scenario: I have a new Windows 7 laptop, but it doesn't have any composite or s-video type ports. It does have an ethernet port/card, so I figured there must be some way for me to use that to connect my laptop to the big screen television in the basement. I followed https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Run-Composite-Video-Through-an-Ethernet-Jac/ and I came up with a new cable like the one described in that ible- an ethernet jack at one end, and a composite jack at the other end. However, I do realize that ethernet and composite have different ways of communicating and that they have different voltages, etc. I just wanted to know if there was a sure-fire way to mod my cable (resistors at certain pins, etc.), without much expense, so that I don't fry my television and get kicked out of the house.

I know that I could just buy something like this for five bucks off of ebay but the DIYer can't let it go.


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power Bills
power Bills

8 years ago

the problem you're having is not the device to send it over its the fact that the Rj45 port is not design to send video out it for a internet connection. my question do you have a VGA port or a usb port to get a external usb to vga adaptor i then get the correct connection for the tv