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How to turn on a 24v solenoid when a 110v unit is shut off? Answered

Ok, so an odd ball scenario. I need to open a 24v solenoid(lawn sprinkler valve NC) for 5 minutes after main power(110v) has been shut off to a device. I have the ability to piggy back on all the power terminals, so it could have constant and switched power. I feel like this kind of thing will exist somewhere, I just can't find it at a Home Depot, and can't seem to google the right key words. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction!



Best Answer 6 weeks ago

Go to a supply store for electricians and ask for a 110V timer relay.
Preferably the kind that stays on for as long as there is power to it on the signal path and then once off the timer starts.
Back in the day they were just mechanical and simple, modern ones are all digital.
You can use the output contacts of this relay to either bypass or open the path of your 24V solenoid.


Reply 5 weeks ago

Found an electrician supply not too far away. Decided on an off delay relay timer. Will activate with a button instead of power off. Thanks for the suggestion!