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How to upgrade an old PC to a simple media PC? Answered

I have a very old desktop about 7 years old and its in a very bad condition and can be barely used. It was a home computer before this and  now not many people use it anymore. So I would like to convert it to a media PC to attach it to my TV. I just want a simple media PC that I can watch streams and watch downloaded movies in good quality(Full HD) and just simple PC uses. So I was thinking of upgrading my old PC to a media PC by changing some parts like the graphic cards and all. Bare in mind this is my first time attempting to build a computer so im not very knowledgeable on it. However, I do know the basics of each components in the PC. These are the specs of my old pc ;-
-AMD Athlon(tm) 64x3 Dual Core Processor 4200 + 2.2GHz
-3.00 GB RAM
-NVIDIA GeForce 7300LE
-250GB HDD harddisk
-32-bit Operating System

When I opened up the PC it was in a bad condition and full of dust. When I took out the heat sink, the CPU was stuck to it so I think I damaged the pins of the CPU when I took it out.( But I wanted to change that anyway) By the looks of it there is barely anything I can salvage other than the case. I have attach some photos to show you the condition of it. 

I would like to ask some help on some links or advice on is it possible to salvage anything(motherboard maybe) and what components should I be looking at for the uses I want it to carry out. I know a lot of people will suggest to just buy a brand new pre-builld desktop but I really want to try to build this for the experience so I can build a better PC next time in the future. 

Thank you very much, Every answer is much appreciated.



Best Answer 3 years ago

AFAIK your graphics card already has the option to connect a TV to it.
As you don't really need much power for watching movies....

There are endless ways of converting it to multi media machine, "ready to go" linux distributions, a thin Win7 with the basics you need and so on...
I would suggest to get a good wireless keyboard/touchpad thingy as used for these purposes and install Win7 Home on it.
And than either MS Media Center or custom with VLC and maybe even a dedicated streaming service from your regular PC.
Google offers all you need to get and overview of whats available and after that how to set up and use it.


Answer 3 years ago

My graphic card doesn't have hdmi output only vga so wont that mean it cant support HDMI? and even so transfering VGA to HDMI will be really crappy? And what about the processor and motherboard?


3 years ago

You can straighten the pins on a processor, its just delicate work. Get a skinny ball point pen or a large diameter mechanical pencil that the pins can fit into. Take the cartridge out of the pen and use the body to get the pins straight. A really big thing is to get a good heat sink compound to put on it and apply it like the instructions say.

Replace the hard drive with an SSD drive. A 120 or a 240 would work good. It will increase the speed a lot. Also a hard drive that old WILL fail. So don't bother with it other than secondary storage.

Even cheap video cards have HDMI now so you can find one of those for cheap at New Egg. Make sure to get the correct one for the slot it fits into.

And put a copy of Windows 7 on it. It will upgrade to Win 10.

Eventually get a better keyboard and mouse like Downunder said.


Answer 3 years ago

Alright thank you, is there a link that you could provide me for which graphic card my motherboard supports?