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How to use a WALKMAN without batteries? Answered

Hello everybody. I have a simply question...

¿its possible to use my WALKMAN without batteries, and use it with a battery like the cellphones has, so i can charge my WALKMAN and use it wihout buying batteries?

Please let me know



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6 years ago

Sure, you can convert your power source to be from a lithium rechargeable battery pack. But you have to be aware of some things...match the correct voltage and have the lithium power pack be able to supply enough amperage that the walkman needs. Lithium ion batteries need to be monitored so that they do not drain below a certain point or else they are ruined, they have to be charged at a controlled rate or they may overheat and explode. That said, there are circuits out there to charge, regulate and monitor the lithium battery. You could get a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries, charge them up and just put them in.


Reply 6 years ago


Another question? Is there anyone that could give me a "step by step", to do that?
I mean, i have no relation with electronic stuff jajaja.

Or if you know some web that do the same, but not with a walkman (maybe) but with another thing; so i can copy the same steps, but according to a walkman

Thanks again!