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How to use nokia lumia 1020 replacement camera for use in arduino or rasbpi Answered

How can you use a nokia lumia 1020 replacement camera for use in arduino or rasbpi? I could not find a pinout sheet for the camera module, so i have no idea what to do or where to start.




4 years ago

Hard to use any camera with a micro controller. I micro controller doesn't have any kind of processing power to utilize a camera.


Answer 3 years ago

Nokia had to do some pretty low level tweaking (from my reading) to get the 41MP camera module working on the MSM8960 which has an Image Signal Processor spec'd at 20MP for the camera.

The arduino(s) do not have an ISP and the raspi does not provide low enough level access to do the same level of tweaking that Nokia did, so you would be at the mercy of the max supported camera spec'd by the Broadcom chip used on the raspi.

They apparently do now have a raspicamraw or something like that which lets you get at data coming across from the camera CSI interface. The ex-Broadcom guy laid out that it is a lot of work to interface with a non-raspberry camera, such as writing a driver to handle auto-gain, focusing, etc. and finally moving data quick enough to the main memory (around 1GP/s is spec'd on chips that support 55MP ISP)