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How to weave a keffiyeh? Answered

Whether you call it a shemagh, coalition scarf, keffiyeh, or ghutrah, it is an eye-catching article of clothing that has hundreds of practical uses aside from looking chic. Unfortunately, in the last couple of decades, the keffiyeh have been associated (wrongfully so) with terrorism and extremism of the Middle-Eastern sort. Yes, Islamic extremists have been known to wear keffiyat, but I'm pretty sure I've heard of them drinking milk, too.

The practical uses of keffiyat are almost limitless. Aside from keeping dust and sand out of your face, they retain moisture quite well. The ShamWow has NOTHING on this age-old masterpiece. In a survival situation, they can be used to bind a wound, make a splint, prevent heat stroke, and military applications are limited only to imagination. I've heard stories of Marines using shemaghs as rifle slings, belts, and even mops for cleaning a mess hall. 

Anybody can buy a keffiyeh from Army Surplus, or get a bolt of fabric, cut a square of it out, wrap it around their heads, and call it a shemagh, but I'd like to be able to weave my own. Trouble is, I don't know how to weave. Are there any Instructabots here who are both experienced at weaving and willing to devote hours of monotony to making an instructable for this?


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3 years ago

Loo-tenant , connect with me on fb , Chris Matthes , the man with a staff and a wulf . . .