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How to write a Dummies Book (for Dummies - and get rich at the same time!) Answered

Intro How to write a Dummy Book - for Dummies
Have you ever wanted to write a Dummy's Book, but not sure how to go about it! Here's a quick example that's guaranteed to make you money like the rest of the series. Three simple steps, but endless fun for all involved.

step 1 Create your cover
Goto: http://dkgoodman.com/2006/04/dummies-book-cover-generator.html
Knock yourself out with your fantastic Dummy Cover design. See mine for reference.

step 2 Write the content (this is were the $$$/dosh/bread is)
Chapter 1: Buy this book
Chapter 2: Give money to people who guarantee to make you money
Chapter 3: Print your own money
Chapter 4: If all else fails, buy another copy of this book

step 3 Contact Dummys.com and watch the money roll in
Contact details can be found at : Dummies Bookshttp://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/

step 4 What are you waiting for?
I once picked up a book called "What men know about women". It was 20 pages of fantastic blank page reading. If you want to achieve anything in life, the first step is to work out what you want, then just go ahead and do it. If that means going and buying a Dummies Book, then so be it. Personally, I prefer to write them.



13 years ago

As with most publishing scenarios, to write a book for this series, you'd need a literary agent.


13 years ago

Bah, I'd rather write a new "Evil Genius" book for Tab....