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How too carry a laptop on your back while its running? Answered

I need to carry my laptop while its running on my back. Is there something i can buy or make? Thanks, joespicnictables



Best Answer 8 years ago

So you are not moving but the machine is running.

There are belt PC machines with eyeglass monitor and belt reach mini keypad
with mouse button.
You can be moving yourself below relativistic speed or not without a
back pack to unbalance you.

As the builder you need electronic experience to build a version yourself.

What is disturbing me most and a dimming effect on future entrepreneurs
like you is that as soon as tackle a great idea some mega group comes out
with a better version of your concept before yours is half finished.

But then ibles has members who find ways to mod the present into the
new and novel for low cost :-)



Answer 8 years ago

Saw it on television last year and before that.
It had windows OS on a flash drive.
Regret I only remember it was a pick parts and put together.


Answer 8 years ago


was it something like that?

other link



8 years ago

a backpack? Add adequate ventilation so wherever your particular laptop's hot air output is, it's not blocked.


Sever your legs, and glue them to your back, then you can have a laptop on your lap on your back without building anything.


Answer 8 years ago

The second one might work best for some people! And then medicare might pay for a nice little set of wheels! ;)


8 years ago

If you have a solid state hard drive, as long as you get adequate ventilation, pretty much anything that will secure it to your back will work. Tie a couple of straps around it and wear it like a back pack.

If you have a standard magnetic disk hard drive, carrying a laptop around while it is processing is not a good idea. Jostle the read arm while it is reading or writing and you can corrupt data or even destroy the drive. Not a good scenario in either case.


8 years ago

...a backpack... (duh!)