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How would I build a Packing Peanuts Dispenser (ceiling mounted) for my home office (7' Ceiling)? Answered

I have looked all over the internet for a few days trying to find some DIY plans for building this and I haven't come across even one building plan for it. I know this is something a large number of people would love to find.

I have a home business and I pack a ton of things at home for shipping. Commercial Packing Peanut (Loose Fill) Dispensers (Ceiling Mounted) are entirely too expensive for our small budget and I want to build my own.

I have 7' ceilings and my packing station (table) is approx.  28.5" high. I would like the bottom of the dispenser opening (valve) to be approx. 20"-24" above the table so that I have some room to put boxes underneath it. 

I would like the holding area (bag) to be able to hold between 10-15 cubic feet of packing peanuts so I don't mind if it takes up a lot of ceiling space. It wouldn't have to hang very far down from the ceiling as I can reach up that high to unhook/release it to refill it when I need to. The closer I could mount the top to the ceiling the better.

I could either mount the dispenser to the ceiling from each corner of the bag or centrally mounted with a chain coming off each corner and meeting in the middle. It wouldn't matter to me either way.

Here's a link to what I'm looking to build.

Of course, it needs to be not as deep as I have limited vertical space to work with.

Anyone with any ideas with be greatly appreciated!



Best Answer 8 years ago

so you have a 7 foot ceiling, and need to use up 4.5 of those feet for table and height, and another few inches for the valve... by my math that leaves about 2-3ish feet of storage.

15 cubic feet divided by the available space of 2 feet means you need about 7.5 square feet of cross-sectional hopper...works out to about 3x3 foot when you account for the pyramid shape..

So...make 4 equallateral triangles of canvas fabric 3 feet on the unique side (base of the pyramid), and about 3-4 feet on the longer sides. Make a 3x3 square to cover the top...sew the thing into a pyramid, and add a zipper on the top. You won't be using the really pointed part at the top, so chop that off and make a loop (like on a hoodie hood edge) to pull the hole tight around a plastic tube.

hold it up to the ceiling with 4 eye hooks and rope/twine so you can raise/lower it from one place. Fashion some sort of pinch valve to control flow.

hang and gloat at your minions.


Answer 8 years ago

Sounds about right to me.

Though I can't imagine anyone actually wanting packing peanuts in their house. The darned things stick to everything with static electricity, and crumble, and then the bits stick... and if you throw them out, they just wind up causing a mess somewhere else. If you're going to inflict these on people (never mind on your own office), I'd suggest you pay extra and get the biodegradable (starch) version. Or just use real popcorn.